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Directions to my house - I Don't think you'll have any problems finding it unless you go by the directions MapQuest or Google give you. HINT: Those directions send you a horrible, out of the way, way. Use my directions below.

Ok, here are the directions to my house. These directions will be starting from Hwy 285 and C470. From this point, it should take you 30 minutes to get to my house. From C470 take 285 South bound (you are heading west but the sign says you are going South bound). Take 285(S) quite a distance (20 + miles). The little towns you will go through are: Conifer, Shaffers Crossing (not really a town, but a fishing pond) and Pine Junction. Continue heading south bound on 285 - from the 1 light at Pine Junction, my home is 3.5 miles from there. After you have gone 3.5 miles from the Pine Junction light, start watching for a sign that has a blinking caution light on it and says, "Truckers 7% grade ahead, use low gear" (something like that). Almost immediately after the blinking sign is another SMALL sign that says, "Crow Hill". When you see those signs you know you are very close to my home. Immediately after seeing those signs you will crest Crow Hill and start to descend it. Take a right at the FIRST street you come to as you start to descend. That street is Crow Valley Rd. It is on the right hand side of the street. You will follow Crow Valley Rd down into a valley, approx 1 - 1 1/2 miles. I am the last home along the road, on the left side of the street and I am the only home that has a HUGE 6ft wood privacy fence that runs along the road, the entire length of my property. SERIOUSLY, you cannot not miss it or mistake it! There are 3 gates that access my property. Go to the last gate (or the one that has the address near it) and if the gate is open, drive on in. If the gate is closed, please honk once and I will open the gate. You may have to honk twice but usually I hear it the first time. Sometimes it takes me a little time to get all the dogs kenneled, so please be patient. ALSO, you are welcome to exit your car and walk around if the gate is open, but please do not take your dog out until you have found me. Some of the dogs I board do not get along with other dogs and I hate surprises. Let's just keep everyone safe.

My address is 628 Crow Valley Rd. and it is approx. 1 mile north (before) of the town of Bailey. If you hit Bailey, you have missed my home and the (Rt) turn onto Crow Valley Rd.

Two helpful hints: #1 - for those owners who will head home with their dog in the car - if your dog likes playing in water, I would suggest you bring a towel or dog crate. My property has a great little pond and stream and almost all the dogs love soaking in it, winter or summer. I have plenty of blankets/towels for those dogs boarding.
Hint #2 - Park County's "Boys in Blue" are constantly working to increase revenue. Most of 285 is a posted as a 55mph zone except coming in to the light at Pine Junction (drops to 50 then picks back up to 55) and coming into Bailey (near Hog Heaven) it drops back to 50. If you find yourself heading in to the town of Bailey, it drops to 40mph. Watch your speed! Park county, State Patrol and many times BOTH, are constantly sitting, waiting, watching and looking to fill their quota. These are words of advice and 5 years of experiences, unfortunately.

Call if you have any problems. Cell phones work for the most part. Try my house/office number first.

303-816-9711 (home office)
720-317-3188 (cell)